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These Long-Tenure Employees Share Why They’ve Stayed With Argo

Argo’s culture of empowerment helps them develop skills and pursue opportunities not available elsewhere.

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Argo Group prizes professional growth and innovation – without sacrificing the stability of long-time, committed employees. Here’s why these three employees stick around for the long haul.

  • Argo empowers employees, building trust while increasing their knowledge. “The culture of empowerment, flexibility and inclusiveness initially drew me to Argo,” says George Schmid, Talent Leader, Claims. Twenty-five years later, those values still animate Schmid’s daily work – along with the expertise and trust he’s gained since then. Because of my long tenure, I’ve developed in-depth knowledge and perspective from past successes and failures,” says Schmid. Plus, I have built relationships based on trust and respect that help make everyone’s job easier. 
  • Argo creates opportunities for employees to develop highly specialized expertise. After 15 years at the company, Craig Wilder, Senior Claims Account Manager, has seen how the company encourages specialization and skill development. “Argo’s increased focus on disciplined underwriting and specialization in niche markets has been significant,” says Wilder. That approach has helped him become a more valuable professional overall. “Staying with the company has made me more reliable, more technically proficient and a better student of the industry,” says Wilder.
  • Long-time employees are optimistic about the company’s future. Becky Boyers, Lead Project Manager, has been with the company for 10 years. Though she’s seen a lot of change, one of the biggest is recent: a clearly defined purpose and strategy for the company. For Becky, it’s a game changer“We now have priorities being set at the top levels of business,” says Boyers. That clarity has led to increased productivity and collaboration. “Cross-functional teams now work together to solve problems or improve processes and systems,” says Boyers. 

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