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3 Primary Casualty Underwriters Share How Creative Thinking Leads to Big Wins

The leaders shared strategies for writing risks, adapting to change and developing creative solutions during a LinkedIn Live.

Three Primary Casualty underwriting leaders at Argo joined a LinkedIn Live moderated by Argo’s Alyssa Joubert, VP, Marketing and Distribution, to discuss all things primary casualty, including industry trends, partnerships and their approach to finding solutions. 

  • To discover new opportunities, learn all you can about emerging risks. “Some of the accounts that stand out the most are 3D printing,” says Doan Nguyen, AVP – Underwriting. “They serve a variety of industries, including consumer goods, aerospace and medical application. It takes a lot of digging, and it takes you down different avenues. The possibilities are endless.” 
  • Understanding a risk can help tailor custom solutions. LaQuisha McCraw, AVP – Underwriting, recalls writing an observation deck on the 95th floor of a building. “Argo had a great relationship with the broker, and they were able to schedule a private tour of the facilities,” she says. “We were able to witness firsthand the safety protocols and security measures. And as a result, we were able to customize and tailor the coverage specifically for the client at a very competitive rate, and it resulted in a win.”
  • Curiosity and flexibility are critical to scoring winning deals. “We see a lot of unique risks that may not be related to risks you’ve seen before,” says Tirzah Bartley, AVP – Underwriting. “Someone who is willing to figure out how things work, what hazards are in place and how this will affect policy limits, is really important. Communicate with the broker, be flexible, work with them and try to be a partner so that you both win the deal.” 

Watch the full LinkedIn Live to hear more problem-solving insights and take a deep dive into the world of primary casualty. 

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