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3 Ways Argo Empowers Underwriters to Excel in Their Specialty

Leaders share how Argo fosters opportunities for underwriters to find their niche.

Leaders at Argo Group joined a LinkedIn Live session to discuss how the company provides opportunities for underwriters to explore, work together and make an impact. 

Argo Group empowers underwriters by offering:  

1. Mobility and autonomy to branch out. Employees at Argo are encouraged to take on new challenges and discover how their skills can work best for them. People can move upwards into a more senior role, or sideways into another area or line of business,” says Claire Conneely, Head of Talent Acquisition. “We advocate for employees to learn about their other areas of interest.”

2. Opportunities to make an impact.Because Argo is a smaller organization, underwriters can do impactful work that helps them stand out. “You’re able to make a difference,” says David Corry, SVP, Head of Argo Environmental. “The work underwriters do moves the needle for the firm, both for their specialty and for Argo overall.” 

3. A collaborative environment to share and grow ideas. At Argo, employees are always free to learn, ask questions and work on solutions together. “Even though the team may be remote, not necessarily in offices together, you don’t feel the disconnect,” says Conneely. “We have a strong sense of collaboration and open communication.” 

Resources to help you succeed at Argo

Argo provides early career development resources, including an underwriter assistant program, as well as ample training and cross-training. 

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