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5 Strategies Argo Leaders Use to Expand Diversity and Inclusion Company-wide

Discover insights from a recent LinkedIn Live.

During a recent LinkedIn Live, Argo Group leaders discussed the company’s strategies for integrating diversity and inclusion initiatives across the organization. At Argo, we’re focused on: 

1. Promoting and supporting grassroots D&I initiatives.At Argo, employee-led Employee Resource Groups provide opportunities for members to share ideas with the ERG’s executive sponsor, which can lead to actionable change in the organization.

2. Evaluating job requirements for inclusivity.Requirements like a college degree can be barriers to otherwise qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds, so removing those prerequisites opens door for diverse talent.

3. Emphasizing diversity in panel interviews. Showing candidates that they will fit in on your team can help them feel more welcome and excited to join. You’re more likely to get diverse candidates if at least one of the people they’re sitting across from during the interview process looks like them,” says Bill Wharton, Head of Argo Insurance – Bermuda. 

4. Staying current by following podcasts and professional sources. What’s topical or what’s important to people has evolved, says Wharton. To stay informed on D&I, Argo encourages employees to follow podcasts, connect with other employees through ERGs and get involved with diverse professional organizations like the National African American Insurance Association. 

5. Learning from your diverse colleagues. “Diverse experiences lead to conversations with diverse ideas,” says Bonnie Brumley, VP, Head of Marketing Analytics. Having more of these conversations creates space for innovative solutions that go beyond your initial perspective. 

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