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How Argo Group’s Wellness Program Is Spearheading a Holistic Approach to Employee Wellbeing

The company is fostering a culture of well-rounded support and growth through a diverse program of wellness resources.

Too often, employee wellness programs focus only on physical wellbeing. But at Argo Group, Kate Apgar, Senior Global Learning & Organizational Development Specialist, is leading a transformative program that prioritizes comprehensive wellness.

  • Physical wellbeing is only one aspect of a healthy lifestyle – and the program is designed accordingly. “A well-rounded wellness program focuses on mental, emotional, social and environmental health in addition to physical health,” Apgar explains. This comprehensive approach enables employees to thrive personally and professionally.
  • Employees participate in a self-directed program of diverse wellness resources. “We strive to help people discover what wellness means to them, learn about themselves and others and become empowered to make better wellness decisions both at home and at work,” says Apgar. This self-directed approach provides employees with resources such as free and confidential counseling and coaching, retirement and savings training as well as professional development opportunities. 
  • An ongoing webinar series keeps holistic wellness top-of-mind. “By bringing people all over Argo together in our wellness webinar series, we see the positive impact in the interactions and community,” says Apgar. Covering topics as diverse as “Coping with Anxiety” and “Everyday Time Management,” the series creates a sense of community while treating employees as whole people – not just workers.  

By prioritizing diverse wellness goals and offering an array of resources, Argo empowers employees to develop a healthier lifestyle in every facet of their lives.

Join a Work Culture That Helps You Thrive in All Aspects of Life 

Become your best self with the help of a well-rounded wellness program. Discover all the benefits of working at Argo. 

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