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How Argo Managers and Employees Create a Culture of Work-Life Balance

Three tips for setting healthy boundaries while working remotely.

Members of Argo’s Working Families Employee Resource Group shared tips on maintaining work-life balance in remote and hybrid settings. Here are three takeaways from their LinkedIn Live conversation.

  1. Establish trust and set boundaries with your team. When Annette Berain, Digital Marketing Specialist, needed to take time off for a family emergency, she knew her Argo colleagues had her back. “It helped, knowing that my teammates will back me up, fill me in and move forward,” Annette says.
  2. Focus on one thing at a time. Just as personal needs can interrupt your workflow, work alerts can disrupt family time. “You have to prioritize the most important thing at that time,” says Jason Grant, Claims Analyst. “Take a step back, take a deep breath, and know your limitations as a human being.”
  3. Remind yourself to take time away. Annette schedules breaks for lunch and walks to reinforce healthy boundaries. She also strives to wrap up work on time each day. 

Learn more about work-life balance at Argo on the Careers page. 

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